SO3 Sulfonation production line

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  • Soda Ash Production Plant

    Contact NowSoda Ash Production PlantThere are two methods to product sodium carbonate, i.e. ammonia-soda process (Solvay process) and combined-soda process (Hou’s process).Read More

  • Calcium Chloride Production Line

    Contact NowCalcium Chloride Production Linecalcium chloride main processes of this production line include calcium liquid production and drying granulation; the purity of produced anhydrous calcium chloride can reach above 95%; the tail gas of production process can reach to emission standard after desulfuration and washing.Read More

  • Detergent Powder Line

    Contact NowDetergent Powder Line1. Detergent Powder Production Line with agglomerator Solid raw materials in form of powder are sieved and premixed, then stored in respective silos. The solid materials are weighed accurately by dosing belts according to the detergent powder formulation, and fed to the agglomerator. While the...Read More

  • Potassium Sulphate Production Plant

    Contact NowPotassium Sulphate Production PlantPotassium Sulphate production plant The said plant is for the Potassium Sulfate produced from Raw material Potassium Chloride KCL and Sulfuric Acid H2SO4 Reaction in Mannheim Furnace. The Main product Potassium Sulfate, By-product it is Hydrochloric acid. Capacity:10,000.00~100,000.00tons/Year...Read More