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  • SO3 Sulphonation Plant

    Contact NowSO3 Sulphonation PlantMulti-tube falling film sulphonation (sulfation) reactor is used in this plant.Read More

  • High Quality Sulfonation Plant

    Contact NowHigh Quality Sulfonation PlantHigh quality sulfonation plant The set of device is a sulphonation production one (vitriolizating) which is based on the multitube film sulphonation reactor. The set of device produces sulfo acid and active substance by making use of all the mostly raw material in detergent industry such as:...Read More

  • Toilet Soap Production Line Machinery

    Contact NowToilet Soap Production Line MachinerySoap Plant Description The soap base can be produced by batch kettle or continuous saponification process from oil & fats. The liquid soap base is vacuum dried into soap noodles, then to be added with perfume, anti-oxidation agent, colorant, etc additives in a blender for homogeneously...Read More