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  • Detergent Powder Line

    Contact NowDetergent Powder Line1. Detergent Powder Production Line with agglomerator Solid raw materials in form of powder are sieved and premixed, then stored in respective silos. The solid materials are weighed accurately by dosing belts according to the detergent powder formulation, and fed to the agglomerator. While the...Read More

  • High Quality Top Bulk Detergent Powder

    Contact NowHigh Quality Top Bulk Detergent PowderOur top detergent powder has good washing ability with Dow Corning enzymes and high elegant fragrance, same quality as Ariel.Read More

  • Washing Powder Plant

    Contact NowWashing Powder PlantWashing Powder Plant three kinds of plants can be supplied according to the required bulk density of product powder. 1. Washing Powder Plant with spray drying tower: The final product detergent powder from this kind of plant will have bulk density of 0.25 to 0.35. 2. Washing Powder Equipment...Read More